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7322 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912

(301) 500-8001

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Try out our variety of fun, fresh and exciting class offerings!

MAD Fitness keeps class sizes limited to 4-14 people so everyone can get individual attention from the instructor during class.  Class attendees must sign up ahead of time to secure their spot. Purchase a class-pack or pay as you go using our drop-in pricing option

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6:00am- HIIT w/Gwendolyn

6:30pm- Strength & Cardio w/Sue


6:00am- MAD Strength w/Gwendolyn

9:45am- Strength & Cardio w/Sue

6:30pm- MAD Strength w/Eve


6:00am- HIIT w/Gwendolyn

6:30pm- TRX Conditioning w/ Mary Duke

7:30pm- Barre w/Rhiannon


6:00am- MAD Strength w/Gwendolyn

9:45am- Strength & Cardio w/Sue

6:30pm- MAD Strength w/Eve


7:00am- Stretching w/Rhia

9:45am- Strength & Cardio w/Sue


9:00am- Saturday Sweats w/Eve

10:00am- Saturday Sweat w/Eve

11:00am- TRX Conditioning w/Mary Duke



Barre with Rhia

MAD Strength

Saturday Sweats/Sunday Sweats

Strength & Cardio

TRX Conditioning with Mary Duke


Stretch with Rhia

Strength & Cardio with Sue

This is circuit training so you'll rotate from station to station where you'll use kettlebells, sandbells, medicine balls, TRX core trainers and cables to work toward your own personal best.

Workouts change daily. Each workout is optimized to build strength, bone mass, flexibility and cardio endurance.

Workout101 with Sue

Want to work out with us but our classes seem too daunting? No problem! You can ease into exercise with our Workout 101 class. Sue specializes in working with people who have joint problems, sore backs and other injuries so she'll monitor to keep you injury free while you build strength and burn calories. Workouts will be tailored to be challenging and SAFE.  Unlike our other classes this class is taught as a series and runs for 5 weeks.  

Sign up here: Workout101

Barre with Rhia

MAD Barre is a fantastic full-body workout for all.  Barre is a blend of Pilates, ballet, yoga and Functional Strength Conditioning.  Strengthen your Glutes and core to fun and energizing music.  If you are looking for lean muscle mass with the functional strength to lift a five-year-old, push your car out of a ditch, lift that box onto the top shelf, this workout is for you.  No prior barre (or ballet) experience required!

MAD Strength with Eve

A progressive full body strength training class. Every week you'll improve and learn new exercises. We'll be working with kettlebells, sandbells, medicine balls, TRX core trainers and battling ropes! You'll learn how to do a strength training program on your own. 

Saturday Sweats with Eve/Sunday Sweats with Eliza

Circuit style high intensity interval training (HIIT) gets you moving through your weekend. You'll learn how to work out with a variety of fitness toys including but not limited to; kettlebells, sandbells, medicine balls, TRX core trainers and battling ropes! Every rep matters and no two classes are ever the same! 

TRX Conditioning with Mary Duke

TRX class is a great way to work on stability and strength in a dynamic and fun environment! The TRX suspension trainer allows you to both move more easily in ways that might be too challenging for you otherwise but will also challenge you to maintain control and stability through other movements. Class will utilize TRX and other gym equipment to provide a well-rounded and challenging full body workout!

Stretch with Rhia

Are your muscles always tight and sore from sitting at a desk all day? Do you want to be more flexible? Then Stretch is the class for you! Stretch focuses on relieving tension and releasing knots in your body.  Learn how to increase your movement potential in this 7am Friday morning class.  Join us and treat yourself!