Give Your Support-Fundraising Classes

Starting in May MAD Fitness has been running a weekly donations based workout class to raise money for a cause. 


We have successfully completed two classes, raising enough money to donate shift meals, purchased from small local restaurants, for the Emergency Department staff at Adventist Medical Center in White Oak.   We did this in the hopes of making one shift just a little bit easier for the frontline workers during COVID19 pandemic.


This week we choose to support Equal Justice Initiative, an organization that is working on the frontlines of the Black Lives Matter fight for racial equity.  


Sign up for class. Donate a little or a lot.  Work out.  Break a sweat, and know that you exercised not just for yourself, but for a great cause.


100% of proceeds from our donations classes go to the organization.  Every bit helps. 

If you do not have traditional exercise equipment that is OK!  You have something heavy in your house that you can utilize as a weight.


40lb bag of dog food.

Put a bunch of cans in a backpack and use that as a weight.

Gallon Jugs

Cans of paint

Resistance bands

Pass on the love.

To Donate and sign up:

1: Use paypal or venmo to send us your donation--

     Venmo--> @Evie-Kenney



2. Scroll down this page and choose your class 


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