About MAD

Our mission is to inspire lifelong fitness, enhance quality of life and to strengthen our community.

At MAD Fitness, we encourage you to embrace a new outlook on life through fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.

The MAD Fitness mission is driven by the desire to help each client become fit and strong so they can live pain and worry free. The best workouts are challenging, fun and safe, and they make you want to come back for more.​

The Owners

Sue and Eve are a Mother and Daughter (MAD) partnership!

Sue and Eve are National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainers who bring professionalism to every session and class by keeping an eye out for the safety and progress of every participant.

Their dedication arises from their own experiences of injury and recovery, which motivates them to find creative and innovating new paths forward for each client.   Sue and Eve take every opportunity to learn about the science behind human movement and how it shapes our physicality, emotions and wellbeing. They attend continuing education, and functional training summits to expand their knowledge on health and fitness as the science develops. 

Prior to opening MAD Fitness in July 2014 they were both personal trainers at Washington Sports Clubs in Silver Spring.

Sue: M.A. Adult Development and Aging at Antioch College. Certificates in training seniors, stretching, pre-and postnatal training, and Functional Movement Systems screening.

Eve: B.S. Kinesiology at University of Maryland. Certificates in integrated stretching and Functional Movement Systems screening. 


MAD Instructors

MAD has carefully hand-picked these talented instructors to help you on your fitness journey

MAD's instructors come from a diverse range of backgrounds.  Some coaches are full time athletes while others teach our classes in their spare time.  Read below to learn more about your teachers!

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Owner, M in MAD
Personal trainer & coach



Owner, D in MAD
Personal trainer & coach

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Mary Duke

TRX teacher & Trainer

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Sunday Sweats teacher

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Slow Strength & Somatics teacher

Learn a little about your coach...


Eliza loves to work hard with a smile on her face.  She's trained with Eve and Sue for almost ten years, and has been an ACE Certified Group Fitness Trainer since 2015.  When she's not at MAD Fitness, Eliza hangs out with her husband and son, hikes with her dog Dalton, runs the Sligo Creek Trail, and works in marketing for Discovery's true crime network, Investigation Discovery, in Silver Spring. 

Mary Duke

As a trainer and group exercise instructor, Mary Duke enjoys helping people develop a fitness program that supports their unique interests and goals.  Mary Duke has been working as a personal trainer (certified by NASM) since 2008.  Since that time, she has completed additional continuing education in TRX suspension training, TRX Rip training, Real Ryder indoor cycling, StrongFirst kettlebell technique, integrated flexibility, bodyweight training (Animal Flow, MovNat), Olympic weightlifting (USAW- L1), and Functional Range Conditioning.  


Before transitioning to full time personal training and teaching in 2008, Mary Duke worked as a clinical social worker, outdoor educator and self-defense instructor. She brings a wide breadth of experience to her work with clients. When she is not training and teaching, Mary Duke can often be found at the climbing gym or home cooking up the veggies from her CSA box



Rhiannon ("Rhia") is a mindful movement teacher, Thai bodywork practitioner, and professional dancer who's lifework is to connect with people through movement and to help people move better in order to live better. Though her practice is mostly grounded in (very alignment-based) yoga and dance, Rhia's movement practice made a huge shift when influenced by Ben King - a personal trainer, fellow anthropologist, and war vet who had adopted mindfulness based practices to heal from post-traumatic stress and then applied them to strength training. One-on-one strength training sessions with Ben inspired an even more varied movement practice and deepened her understanding of what functional movement really was, against the cultural norm of "no pain no gain". Rhia's thirst for knowledge led her down a mindful & functional strength rabbit hole, and has enjoyed a unique movement  practice that she now shares with her students. Her foundational teaching point is that the body loves variety, and we can use a movement practice to prepare our body/minds for the unknown possibilities that life will throw at us - so we can handle them with grace. Rhia's classes are aimed to be accessible for mostly all levels, ages, and physical capabilities. She continues to geek out over developing science, in addition to traditional healing arts and is a lifelong learner of how movement can build community and unite us.


Why we love MAD

Word of Mouth

"I arrived for my first Workout 101 and put my 40-something self in the hands of the fabulous Sue Immerman.  She creates such a supportive and welcoming environment for people who are starting from scratch and the small class size was great for learning the basics and understanding how to use the equipment safely.  Now, two years later, I can honestly say that MAD Fitness has changed my life – my goal was to get stronger so I can (hopefully) slide gracefully into my 50s and beyond.  But the real benefit is that I actually enjoy going to work out with these fun, nice and non-competitive people – trainers and clients alike.  I’m so glad I joined the MAD family!"

Kristin Brown

“At MAD, when I look in the mirror to check my form as I work my circuit, I see something I haven’t seen in a long time: a woman who isn’t afraid of her body. She isn’t hiding. I see a person who was once scared of the idea of working with weights, who didn’t think she could keep up in a strength and cardio class, who was reluctant to try a pushup. For that hour I don’t see the flaws that she obsesses over. I don’t see the fear that stops her from running with her kids when they’re playing or from reaching out to catch a ball she anticipates she’ll miss. The voice that whispers to her, You’ll look ridiculous, People will laugh at you, You can’t do it, so why even try, is quiet. I complete the circuit. I push myself harder. For this hour, I can become someone I never imagined I could be. I know that the next morning as I get out of bed I will be sore; I will feel aching muscles I didn’t know I had. But I keep going, knowing the soreness the next day will remind me of the strong woman in the mirror.”

Stina Oakes

This is a great little gym. It has dedicated coaches and a variety of classes. None of the fancy-pansy equipment that a fashion-gym would have but it's complete with the true stuff you want to use. If you are thinking of working out with a coach, this is the place. There are group and individual classes. Highly recommended!

Ileana Schinder

Best part of my week! Each class is different, so you never get bored. It's a nice, supportive community, and Eve makes sure you are challenging yourself at your own level. I love the mix of cardio circuits, strength training, and barre. My daughter also loves the weekly youth class.

Lori Severens

I highly recommend MadFitness. First off, Eve and Sue talk to you about your ability level, any injuries, any goals, concerns, etc., etc. Second, the classes are small and designed for you to get out of them what you put in (with some pushing, if needed). And because Eve and Sue know your abilities, they know how to push (or not push you too much). Third, the workouts are varied enough that you don't burn out on doing the same thing over and over. Fourth, the other people in the classes are always nice and fun to be around.

MadFitness has really changed my thoughts on working out. It doesn't have to be about being the biggest dude in the room. It absolutely can be about functional strength, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while having a busy schedule. Highly recommended!

Charlie Gorham

"On the one-year anniversary of starting with you and MAD Fitness I want to let you know how much it has meant to my life and my health.  You are a combination of coach, cheerleader, mentor and body-knowledge genius. Within minutes you are able to size me up and tailor a precise workout, one that is sensitive to my issues and my current state. And as my current state has evolved you continue to revise and adjust. 


I am astonished to realize that working out has become a happy part of my life! Thank you!"

Helen Spencer


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