Personal Training

Get into the best shape of your life!

Personal Training

Your personal coach

Work one on one with your trainer/accountability coach to make you healthier, happier, and stronger.

During your initial session we will discuss your goals, your personal history and what you want to achieve. The MAD trainers will work with you to make an individualized plan and training program that will help you conquer your goals.

Partner Training

Sweat with a buddy

Have more fun with your workout! Sharing a workout with a friend, spouse or family member is a great way to stay motivated.

Sweat through 50 minutes of fun partner exercises and individualized exercises as well.  Partners do not have to be on the same fitness level to train together.

Group Training

Move with friends

Bring in your family/friends/co-workers for a group training session!  


Group training is a great way to get personalized attention from a trainer while working in a small group (3-5) of your peers. This a great alternative and more affordable option for personal training and is great for get togethers and events. Sign up with your group today!

Training Membership

Kickstart your routine

A 3 month class & training membership commitment to keep you moving. 

Try new classes and workout with a trainer for a discounted rate.  Choose from our plans: MAD Fit, MAD Fitter and MAD Fittest.  You're billed at the beginning of the month.  Sessions and classes do not roll over to the next month keeping you accountable and in the gym working out.

Questions? Contact us today.


Pricing & Scheduling

Personal Training- 50 minutes

1 session.......... $95

5 sessions........ $450

10 sessions...... $850

Personal Training - 30 minutes

1 session.......... $55

5 sessions........ $250

10 sessions...... $480

Partner Training

1 session.......... $100

5 sessions........ $470

10 sessions...... $950

Personal Training Membership

MAD Fit......... $96/month

1 personal training session + 1 class

MAD Fitter.......$192/month

2 personal training sessions + 2 classes.

MAD Fittest.....$385/month

4 personal training sessions + 4 classes


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