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About us

MAD Fitness is a small mother and daughter owned business established in 2013

Our mission is to inspire lifelong fitness, enhance quality of life and strengthen our community.

Come as you are.   No matter what age, stage of life, activity level, or ability we are here to help you achieve your fitness goals.


We believe fitness is for everybody.

We provide support, accountability and a challenge novice and advanced exercisers.  

We offering fun, motivational, and effective personal training and classes.



One on one, partner or group training- there's an option for everyone!

Personal Training- 50 minutes

1 session.......... $95

5 sessions........ $450

10 sessions...... $850

Personal Training - 30 minutes

1 session.......... $55

5 sessions........ $250

10 sessions...... $480​​

One on one sessions

Work one on one with your trainer/accountability coach to make you healthier, happier, and stronger.


During your initial session we will discuss your goals, your personal history and what you want to achieve. The MAD trainers will work with you to make an individualized plan and training program that will help you conquer your goals.

Personal Training- 50 minutes

1 session.......... $95

5 sessions........ $450

10 sessions...... $850

Personal Training - 30 minutes

1 session.......... $55

5 sessions........ $250

10 sessions...... $480​​

Partner Training

1 session.......... $100

5 sessions........ $470

10 sessions...... $950

Group Training

1 session...........$150

Partner training

Have more fun with your workout! Sharing a workout with a friend, spouse or family member is a great way to stay motivated.


Sweat through 50 minutes of fun partner exercises and individualized exercises as well.  Partners do not have to be on the same fitness level to train together.

Group Training

Bring in your family/friends/co-workers for a group training session!  


Group training is a great way to get personalized attention from a trainer while working in a small group (3-5) of your peers. This a great alternative and more affordable option for personal training and is great for get togethers and events. Sign up with your group today!

Partner Training

1 session.......... $100

5 sessions........ $470

10 sessions...... $950


Online or in-person, classes with your peers motivate you to move!


In-person classes are limited to 9 participants so everyone can get individual attention from the instructor during class.  


Class attendees must sign up ahead of time using our scheduling software, VAGARO, to secure their spot. Purchase a class-pack or pay as you go using our drop-in pricing option.


Drop-in.............. $25

1 class................$20

8 classes.......... $136

20 classes........ $300

Class Pricing

Drop-in.............. $25

                                                1 class................$20

                                                8 classes.......... $136

                                                20 classes........ $300

Strength & Cardio

You’ll feel great after class. The afterglow is real!

This is circuit training--you'll switch exercises every minute and work toward your own personal best.  Full body strengthening with core challenge in every move.  Workouts change daily. Each workout is optimized to build strength, bone mass, flexibility and cardio endurance.​

Tuesdays ONLINE at 9:45am & 5:30pm 

Thursdays BACKYARD at 8am

**Thursdays ONLINE at 9:45am

Saturday ONLINE at 10am

**Thursdays class is a special CABLE version on S&C.  Email Sue for details at

MAD Strength

A progressive full body strength training class. Every week you'll improve and learn new exercises. We'll be working with kettlebells, sandbells, medicine balls, and battling ropes! You'll learn how to do a strength training program on your own. 

Thursday ONLINE at 5:30pm

High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT)

This in-person high intensity interval training (HIIT) class gets you out of the house and into the fresh air for your workout. Your class starts with a warmup made to prep your muscles and joints for the movement to come. Your workout circuit is 3 rounds.  Each round consists of six to seven, minute-long exercise stations, with a 20 second recovery break in between each station.   Every rep matters and no two classes are ever the same! 

Monday BACKYARD at 8am

Tuesdays BACKYARD at 7am

Fridays BACKYARD at 7am

Saturdays BACKYARD at 9am


While we are sheltering in place, learn mobility, balance, stability, strength, agility and power online.   All with your home equipment.

Wednesday ONLINE at 8am

Friday ONLINE at 8am

Saturday ONLINE at 11am

Meditation & Mobility

We begin and end with short guided meditations focusing on body alignment and awareness. The bulk of class time will be spent moving in a variety of ways - some easy, some more challenging - that will improve active range of motion in our joints, overall flexibility, core control and posture. This class is a great one to add recovery and balance to your overall weekly exercise schedule.

Monday ONLINE at 5:30pm

Class Descriptions


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COVID policies

Operating procedures

We follow all CDC recommendations and Maryland state mandates.  We check for updates daily and implement any new protocols immediately.


MAD's Backyard training area is open and running with classes and personal training! 

Teachers and clients must wear a mask at all times when standing within 6 feet of each other.  


You do not have to wear a mask during class.  During class time participants will always be AT LEAST 6’ from each other.

Each student has a 12' workout circle.  This enforces adequate social distancing between attendees as shown in the picture to the right.

Classes are limited to 9 participants

No equipment or weights are shared in order to keep classes contactless. 

Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are always available at any time during class.

There is no access to the building so make sure to use the bathroom before you come to class or your session. 

If you are signed up for a class but you have come in contact with someone who has recently contracted COVID19 AND/OR you are feeling sick, have a fever or have any symptoms of COVID19, we ask that you stay home and email us to let us know.  We will credit your account the class that you missed.


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Parking Lot at 6 Lee Ave. Takoma Park MD 20912

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