join our MAD fit team

tkpk5k 2015 Run

Join the MAD Fitness team this year on May 3 for the Takoma Park 5K Challenge. Sign up to run with our motivated MAD Team on race day!  

Enjoy the perks of running with us:

MAD SWAG  You'll get a custom MAD Fitness 5K runner's tank to flaunt around town

Meet new people  Join a team of dedicated MAD runners to connect with before, during and after the race

MAD Runner's tip sheet  Eve and Sue help you prepare for the run.  Includes training tips, corrective exercises, nutrition information and videos

Access  to MAD Fitness Studio before and after the race for foam rolling and cool down 

Secure storage  Store your valuables in our facility during the race

Nourishment  join us for a health post-race snack at MAD Fitness 


Here are your next steps:

1. Sign up and purchase your RUN PACK

2. Register for the Takoma Park 5K Challenge here

3. Join our facebook event to connect with other MAD runners